Self Love Club Custom Designed White Hoodie
Self Love Club Custom Designed White Hoodie

Self Love Club Custom Designed White Hoodie

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Self- Love Club Custom Designed White Hoodie.

If you are finding this, you have found this listing because of a video you have seen on social media. This Hoodie has been custom designed to make you feel self-love, self-worth, body positivity and everything in between. The front of the hoodie has " The Self Love Club" on the front chest, " Perfectly Imperfect" on the front lower pocket, " Made Worthy" on the right sleeve along with a gold butterfly which represents personal transformation, " It's okay to be less than perfect" on the lower left sleeve and " My worthy has absolutely nothing to do with the size of my clothes" on the back. Everything has been designed with specific intention which you have probably seen if you have watched any video explaining this hoodie. By purchasing this hoodie, you are supporting my dreams of changing the world one product at a time to show others to embrace and love their body and all of your imperfections. I strive to be size inclusive as much as possible and have chosen this brand because it is available in sizes SMALL-5X.

Lettering is all black except the butterfly on the right sleeve which is gold to make it stand out just like YOU DO.

All hoodies are made with so much love and represent my own self-love journey.